My FZJ80 Overland Build

Man alive! That is a mighty fine machine you have there sir. I know I am not the first to say, but I couldn't just sit here without applauding you. I am currently rocking a 1st gen 4Runner, but I am looking to get an 80 soonish. I sub'd to your thread so I can lean on it for ideas. Thank you for posting and sharing your beautiful rig. Happy trails!
Again thanks for the kind words for my thread, but I can not take all the credits, I got an awful lot of inspiration and ideas form all the other builds on this site. 1st gen 4Runners are fun trucks, the 80 is a whole new ball game.
Hey everyone sorry but I just realized that it has been a year since I have done anything with this thread, my apologies!

I have some good news and some bad news,

Good is that the 80 just keeps on trucking no issues to report in the last year. I do have some paint starting to peal on one of the fender flares that will need to be addressed soon, but other then that all ops normal for the 80!

The bad news is that I haven't had to do any thing to the 80 so I don't really have any thing to add to the build. This year has been one of those busy ones but not one with a lot of trips in the 80 so no new trip reports either.

I have been going through some photos and figured I'd add some new and some old that I haven't posted yet. Enjoy!:sombrero:

Dona Ana New Mexico

Near Ketchem Idaho

Otero Mesa New Mexico

Near Bonito Creek New Mexico
Thanks guys,

I'm right at 234k for the mileage, so still supper low.

You two both have killer rigs yourselves, and I will forever have CampTeq envy!:sombrero: