My Mid-life Crisis "build."

That sucks man. Were your wheel bearings howling or anything? I've not replaced mine because they don't act like they're bad, but they do have ~210k miles on them. That's just a big repair bill to eat without knowing they need to be replaced, especially since I don't have a press.
Hard to say if they were howling... there is so much sound deadening in the 4Runner and the tires him just enough.... but I am trusting the guy who was doing the alignment was correct (if not, I’m friends with his wife on FB through a Toyota group... I’ll raise hell 😁). And... it is much better. The drive in front wheel drive was scary - which supports the wheel bearing issue..... or.... I’m just justifying the $$$ to myself!!!!!

Edit: I’ll admit, the fact that the service writer and person shuffling the vehicles both commented on how clean the truck is... made me feel a bit better. Lol.
Vibration is making me want to go buy some dynamite...

Parking the 4Runner for a bit... been way behind on getting the tractor done (grandfathers 8n/9n hybrid) so taking thanksgiving week off to work on the 4Runner. Hoping I’ll find a had cv or something.

Btw, painting toooob sucks
Don't think I have ever seen a front end loader made out of tube. Pretty cool!

You should see all of the old tractors sitting in fields out here. I'll have to take some pictures and post them in that thread you started for me.