My Mild Montero SR Build


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I picked up this 1994 Montero SR about 2 weeks ago, and was excited to start my mild and budget build. Here's what she looked like when I brought her home. Had 147k miles and the major service has already been done recently. I think these are one of the best bargains out there in terms of quality and capability. I was originally looking for a 100 series land cruiser, but I cannot justify the crazy premium people want for them.

The front lights were not functioning when I bought the car. The previous owner said the lights were broken. I bought a new set, but when I test wired them they still werent working. I found the issue was a bad wiring job by whoever installed them. Only one of the lights was actually broken. I ended up installing the new ones anyways, just so they'd match. I redid the wiring so it is nice and tight and waterproof. I also cranked up the front torsion bars about an inch.

I wanted to add a roof rack, but they are pretty pricey, so I decided to go the atv ramp route. It's far from finished. It still needs to be painted and have some stuff added, but its secure for now. I used a ladder rack and atv ramp from pep boys along with some u-bolts from lowes. Total cost $136. The ladder rack has a 500lb capacity, while the ramp has a 1400lb capacity. It's very solid.

I found 3 Mastercraft courser MXT tires in 33x12.50r15 on Offerup for $120. 2 have about 75% life, one has 25% which i'll put on the spare I ordered 2 new ones to match through a friend's shop. Total cost $460.

Got them mounted up for my outing this weekend. Looks much better. It is sitting a bit too low in the rear, so next item on the list is a set of OME rear springs. Considering some airlift bags to go inside as well.

You're not a real overlander without a snorkel right? I also extended the rear diff breather and connected it to the airbox.

That's it so far but lots more planned. Let me know what you think, and give me some suggestions.