My New Build: 1990 3-Door Nissan Patrol, 4.2, Diesel

Took off the rear bumper. I’m looking to add either a dual-tire swing out bumper or one tire swing out with a ladder. Examples are below.

Also just ordered a pair of adjustable upper control arms from Dobinsons.

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Dude, those things look AGGRESSIVE. Should serve you well in the jungle. I continue to enjoy the trip reports with the Shorty!
Thanks. That’s precisely what I got them for. I’ll only use the treps for trips into the Peten jungle. For daily driving and light 4x4ing, I’ll keep the Coops on. Can’t wait to get some mud on the treps! Have a few other goodies on the way, too!

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Bummer of news this morning. The garage can't find the De-Sta-Co pull action clamps needed for the swing-outs. I'll have to bring some back from the States in November when I travel home for the Thanksgiving holiday. Oh well, that's part of the challenge of building a rig in a developing country. You can't always find the parts you need. You win some; you lose some. Just have to be patient and stay positive. There's a solution for everything.