My New Project Isuzu FTS 4x4 1999

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Some of the first pictures of how I received the truck from the auction.


And off we go on the highway, a bit of balance on the bed.


When waiting outside the port it revealed some very bad extension of the chassis,!


Finally got the box off the chassis, so now we can start the cleaning work.


Cutting off the extension of the chassis and some steam cleaning looks so much better now.


The beginning of the new frame, I am planning for an over cab bed also, so total of 4 sleeping capacity.


Getting ready for painting, so off with all the diesel tank and battery etc. and a lot of sanding works and then ready for the painting of chassis.


Maybe a year before finished, can’t wait to get it on the road as a camper.

Take Care.


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Interesting read !

You plan on keeping the dual wheels on the back ?
Hi Arjan,I foresee most of my driving will be on the road and maybe sometime on the beach but I am not going offroad so my plan is to try the dual wheels first, and then change to single to get the feeling of it. I will change the tyres not sure what type but I guess some big All Terrain


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Makes sense - esp. for the highway use.

Dual is less ideal in the soft (resistance) and debris gets easily caught in between the 2 tires.

Many words have been written on truck tires and what type in what terrain so that will be a tough one.

Cutting off that rear section makes a much better looking chassis to work from.

Looking forward to this build !