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A few pictures from my outdoor activity the other day. We have been having some rain days up here in Gold Country lately, so I took advantage of a cool, sunny day to get out and enjoy my other favorite outdoor activity.

I run Spartan Races for fun, so my training usually happens in similar environments. I like to find those middle of no where, little traveled paths to explore and run around on. Some people explore on bike or buggy, I prefer my own two feet.

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Beautiful day out at Hidden Falls Regional Park in Auburn, CA

The Legacy Loop is 7-8 miles of mostly service track/fire break. The path narrows out a bit in the last mile or so.

I love the spring time up here. Everything is green and lush and the ground is soft and forgiving.

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No obstacles on this day, just a wonderful run/hike. Aiming for distance and time as I have a Beast to run in September.