My Perfect Ambulance Platform?

Well I went ahead and listed it out west CA, CO, for sale with my motorcycle as a pkg deal. 35k we will see what the response is. Im only doing it because I have fallen in love with this 968 and want to bring it back to life! Some pics how I found it and after I cleaned it up.


Man, who just parks a nice old Porsche like that??? And how do you find deals on such a thing?? :) Nice work on the ambo. I'm got some Monsta in the same color for the bed of our Comanche... I think I'm going to spray it instead of rolling it. Seems like it would be easier to do, and probably look pretty good too. :)
Yea finding the 968 was unexpected and fortunate. I love bringing new life back into vehicles. The owner actually has another 968 and a Lotus Europa Im trying to buy also.

The monsta will Def look good! It never comes out perfect but it always looks great! I have no experience spraying monsta, but I hear the texture turns out different? Throw up a pic when you get it done!
Welp... It looks like I may have the new buyer for the ambo already. I did not expect to be selling this soon but such is life and im not bummed about having another awesome project to work on so, i'm happy. We will see if they come through, but it does seem like a go.
Deposit received... She wanted me to add a sink and water system so I am currently working to have that done by the time she comes to pick it up. The lift pump was leaking a bit so went ahead and replaced that as well so Its 100% ready to go.
Well I got the sink and "off grid" water system in so she is good to go in that regard. I also wanted to post up a pic of the Sienna Van seats i installed which I think turned out great! The hand pump pulls from 7 gal tank for light water duties. The shower system flows from two six gal tanks to the sureflo pump into the ecotemp for on demand hot shower. You can can also pull the shower head into the box to do heavy water duty.