My Solo Wanderings of the West


Kenny....where are you?
Haha, Hi ZB! Thanks for the shout-out. I am presently in Nebraska in the Sandhills. I made a couple maps to show my progress.

My last post had me in Crescent City California. From there I did the coast of Oregon, then went over to Eugene/Springfield to visit family for a couple weeks. From Springfield it was over the Cascades then across the scenic route 26 to the Blue Mountains. Then dropping down to the Boise area I headed up Idaho 21 into the Sawtooths area. What an amazing drive! I spent about 2 weeks in the Sawtooths, mostly around Stanley. I met another dual-sport guy there and did a lot of great riding.

3-crescent to ketchum.jpg

From Stanley I followed the Salmon River to Challis then across Idaho into Wyoming and the Wind River Range. I hit up the Granite Creek area, then all the way up to Green River Lakes, then up to Trails End outside Pinedale. Then taking the southern route, near Atlantic City I spent a week up FR300 in the southern part of the Wind Rivers. Again, lots of great riding! FR300 winds thru the mountain range for 30-40 miles then drops down into Lander, then this map leaves off at Lake Cameahwait outside Shoshoni.

4-stanley to riverton.jpg

From there I've moved on, through Casper and Douglas, to Chadron Nebraska and the Pine Ridge Forest then this weekend in the Sandhills at McKelvie National Forest. I'm headed now for Illinois for a visit, then I will be on my way to New Mexico.

I see ExPo has fixed some of the issues that caused me to stop posting. Maybe I'll pick it up again with some pics; I've got 1000s of new pics, many I haven't even reviewed yet!

Thanks to everyone for all the nice comments above. I really do appreciate the support. (y)


We did some of that route last week after our summer in Northern Colorado. We turned North at Casper and stayed in spear fish though. We didn't cross paths, i would have recognised your rig, lol.


Kenny, Great to hear from you. I for one would love to see some of those pics!!!!!! I'm very glad your still out there living the dream and just doing it.
Also good to hear that the site is a little easier to use. Fingers crossed that you post some more...thanks


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Heck yeah! I've found the future me and what keeps me banging through the work week! I just started reading through your thread and want to say thanks for putting this out there and letting me live vicariously through you.