My Solo Wanderings of the West


Nice upgrade. My first thought is if I were you I'd install an aftermarket trans cooler and a trans temp gauge on that Chevy. I've had a few of that vintage and know the factory in-radiator trans cooler becomes ineffective over the years. Heat is the number one thing that kills transmissions.


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I’m hooked to your posts and hopefully do what you are doing someday when I retire or sooner 😁. I have a newer Tacoma that I’m starting to build gradually and just in research mode.

I haven’t scrolled through all your writings and apologize if you already answered this but what camera do you use?

Thanks for sharing your awesome adventures!


Hi, and thanks everybody!

Buddha, cooler is already done, also running full synthetic trans fluid. No gauge yet but I have monitored temps with an IR thermometer, pulling over to check on long grades, and it runs nice and cool. I’ve also upgraded to a heavy duty fan clutch. And rear end has been re-geared from 3.23 to 3.73. The Astro has done real well towing.

racerchoi, the pics in this report since 2015 were taken with a Sony DSC-RX100, although I’ve hardly touched it this year. Lately I’ve just been using my iPhone camera, and the 3 pics posted above were taken with the iPhone.

Chet, hi and thanks!

MCX, likewise!

Sierra Valley, thanks, and I’ll keep it mind. One of these trips!



Kenny, That is an awesome upgrade, I bet it was nice to have over the winter. SO very happy to see some posts from you. I'm guessing it was no problem to haul the bike and tow also? Love to see some pics of the set up. Enjoy yourself, I love the trip pics and write ups.


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Your post is the reason I registered with this site. You're a helluva storyteller and photographer! I'm only on page 4 and can't seem to pull myself away. You really need to start a YouTube channel!