My Taxa Cricket mod/build...


You spent much time pulling and using your upgraded cricket? eager to hear how it's working out.
I've had it on a handful of pretty rough trails and it's done well. ZERO complaints about the frame and suspension. I'm having a rivet pop here or there on the body but overall am happy with it's performance. It crushes light trails and graded dirt/gravel. It's doing everything I need it to. If I were getting any crazier I'd need a shorter length and something with a more stout body. Continually looking at what the market has to offer and am liking the TetonX Hybrid and the smaller ZoneRV trailers.

Good luck with yours. I'm naive to all things motorcycle but won't that be quite a bit of tongue weight with the bike up there? Planning on balancing with a bit of weight distributed in the rear? Post up once you've got things back together. Looking forward to seeing your results.


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Got super busy with the holidays....going to order my axle, springs, steel this week.... the bike is a 250lb dirt bike, and yes, tongue weight would be offset in the rear (suitcase generator, bicycles, grill etc)

I’ll be sure and take plenty of pics as I go. Don’t plan to take it too far off-road (that’s what theDRZ is for!) we ALWAYS camp at campgrounds withat least a pit toilet, no serious boondocking for us


My TM never made it home. The frame cracked in two places and the insurance company ended up totaling the trailer.
Can you clarify the brand of trailer that you say never made it home? You reference "TM", does that stand for Trail Marker, or some other brand?



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Also wanted to say Apologies for thread jacking your build... I have a lot of boring frame building pics as I was going along on my insta... which my handle is onespeedpaul

well done jafrench and I’m glad to be joining your club of cricket 2.0 owners hahah


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progressing right along, this morning I set the body down onto the new frame today and am just about to weld on all the L-brackets that join the frame to the body. when I pulled it the dozen or so blocks from my buddy's empty lot back to my own place, i could tell immediately how much smoother it was.