My two favorite Winter Sports-


From Sunday in the U.P.

And snowshoeing:

I really do want to get into XX skiing, just haven't done it yet.
I really do want to get into XX skiing, just haven't done it yet.
Do it! XC skiing is spiritual, invigorating, lifesaving even (much like sea-kayaking). Self-propelled - the only way to fly
I've been avid for +30years - can run circles around youngsters these days :)
This XX Skiing does sound like some HAWT action, though - I'll see if the wife wants to try

1. Sledding, nothing better. Wish I could get out more than once every few years.
2. Curling. Only tried it once, but had a great time, it is the only non motorized sport I'll watch on TV...I know...I'm sick!

XX Skiing is great. Used to do it all the time before I moved over the pond. Skiing here just isn't the same as Sweden!!
What is different if you don't mind me asking?
I used to strap on my ski's and ski to school in the dark, play hockey in PE and then ski home still in th dark. Didn't live in the country either ;)

On the weekends we would go to my Grand Parents in the country and spend all day in the forests skiing.

I suppose the biggest difference is me!:D and the fact that its 70* outside today here!:( I really miss the creaking of real snow under my feet.)