My ultimate camper combo - HZJ79 + Tischer 230


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Hi Christian,
Sorry for the confusion. I thought the one in the photo was the smaller version. Wow ! I can't believe you found an 8'4" ! ! ! Amazing. Agree that the floor plan shown is not correct. As for an actual bathroom, no, but a porta-potti stowed in the closet, add a privacy curtain, and an outside shower, perhaps ? I asked the factory directly about the 8'4" model and they said they discontinued it, but would make one upon request. If an inside shower is needed, how about installing a fiberglass shower pan into the floor, just in front of the door, then having a step cover for it ?
Really, other than going the Tischer route, I don't know of any other ready-made option in NA that is narrow enough. I had been looking and looking for a solution, but this is as close as I had gotten. Maybe that dealer will come down on the price (it's a 2009 model and 2010 is more than half over and they have been paying on it month by month for how long ?) and the savings can be directed to modifications to make it suitable for what you want to do ? I agree this is not easy...
We stopped by a Toyota dealership in David, Panama yesterday hoping to check out a Landcruiser 79 pick-up, alas once again they were sold out.

The manager said they sell as soon as they are in stock even though they are almost twice as much as a HiLux pickup. So I asked how much for a 2010 model out the door. The answer: a neat $42,000, a troopie can cost as much as 45k. These are "working" model vehicles, no ammenities, but they do come with a stock snorkel.

If anyone is interested in buying one I would be happy to drive it back to the US for them :victory:.



Been following this thread for awhile very interesting.
I have an NSL demountable on a Nissan Navara crewcab,

although here in the UK they are pretty scarce, nearest we get to wilderness camping would be either Scottish highlands or Wales perhaps,

I can see now, you guys know all about earthroamers, so I've deleted the link


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