My ZR2 Colorado and Canyon Saga

i have 1300 miles on my '18 double cab ZR2. so far really enjoying the truck on the road. havnt done much off the road yet other than curb hopping and crawling through some steep ditches just to test out the lockers and 4 low engagement.

i had my "mind" set on a tacoma but after driving the tacoma and ZR2 back to back the ZR2 won. the tacoma def has its advantages over the chevy in a few areas but overall, for me, the ZR2 was the clear winner.

really looking forward to keeping an eye on this build!

Curious your thoughts on the 2 trucks, and what advantages the Tacoma has in your mind.
What ever happened with the dual-battery tray? This and the air compressor mount are the two things I'm really looking to do to mine.
What ever happened with the dual-battery tray? This and the air compressor mount are the two things I'm really looking to do to mine.
Still in the works. Time is short around here, and it requires taking apart the trucks quite a bit.

Released our new front winch bumper for the trucks.

The bumpers dramatically improve the looks of the ZR2 front end. And in bringing back fog/driving lights, improve the functionality as well. Great work.


Tacoma to Colorado

I purchased a 2017 Colorado November 15 it is a Ext Cab 4Wd WT with the 3.6 V6 and an auto and the auto locking rear differential. Due to family commitments and work, part time contracting to CalFire all I have done is install my 2 meter, tablet, GPS and IPhone mounts in the cab (ProClip products, no drilling); remove the back seats and install a Smittybuilt fridge on one side and Case for emergency equipment and bailout bag on the other. I have added two Titan 15 gal side mount fuel tanks to the bed, (they worked out perfectly). I also leveled it with a 1 1/2 lift on the front. I ordered Cooper SST Pro tires this morning in 235/85R16.

My plan is to add a shell probably a Leer 180, put the ARB compressor under the hood add a light bar to the roof and a Westin hidden winch tray and a 9. 9.5 or 10 winch. I will need a tire carrier, just looking at it hanging bugs me. So build that bumper, I really want to see it. I am currently considering the Wilco base unit in the 2" receiver, the bumper sounds better. For long term camping or fire assignments I may add a OZRV 2 tent and call it good.

As far as mileage the best I got was 30.8, freeway at night cruise control set to 61 mph for 57 miles. I average 25.6 for the 1000 miles it has been driven. I left a Old Man Emu, Aluminess bumper equipped 07 double cab short bed Tacoma with 25600 miles on it and a 4WD camper for this. I am thrilled with the truck so far and am very happy to be simplifying my camping.

I will take some pictures of where I am at now and post them tomorrow. More to follow as the changes happen. I need to change my avatar I see...

I am following your web site and am enjoying your thread here.

Thanks for sharing, Gfiero