NAS LR3 build with an overseas twist

Will check on the output from the traxide; that's a good head's up. Since I tend to drive the truck intermittently (can commute via public transport, so of course we have 5 cars) I keep the truck plugged in quite a bit for the NOCO to charge both batteries individually too.
I wish, though there appears to be a significant contingent from the East Coast rover community that is figuring out the logistics to head that way.
Not in the cards for us this year. Our big fall event will be VOR, just after the Western Rally and sadly work is too consuming at the moment to budget more.

We are looking to get out west next spring/summer though-will keep folks in the loop as that comes into focus. Primary destination is North Rim, but with the potential for a transit over to Telluride, Arches, and other stuff also possible agenda items.
Some shots from the weekend. Truck got put to work hauling six + stuff to camp with (thankfully Coyote was prestaged with the tentage).

Prospeed loaded up, still have a passenger to grab. I think this fairly clearly illustrates that the rack can me extremely functional-and is dead quiet and appropriate looking for the other 350 days out of the year (give or take)

Full loaded out; we did have more space we could have utilized.

Haul people up to a place where I have...more rovers

Eldest takes Bernard for a spin to show off to her BF. She eventually let him drive. In fairness, he has a Jeep-but we can cure that.

The real use for racks

Out with a playmate exploring WV. I will acknowledge the 4's 5.0 is a bit quicker than the 4.4...

Camping first night was amazing.

2nd night...wicked t-storms and a tornado warning. Helps when you can retreat to an actual house.

Wx broke for a bit, but more rain came...

Kiddos put to work to ensure they realize mud is fun, till you have to clean it.

Great weekend with the family and friends that are the same as family. Truck soldiers on, preparing for a probable hard shell RTT this summer.

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