NATO Jerry Can Mounting Options


I'm building a new bumper for the back of the camper that is large enough to hold my poop tube (which makes it a poop tube tube). Since 6x6 steel tubing is only available in 1/4" wall which weighs like 300lb in a bumper-sized piece, I'm making it out of four pieces of 16-ga 3" angle. Before you tell me that it's way too flimsy for a bumper and I'm going to kill myself, my family and all of my descendants, relax. The bumper that's on there is also 16 ga (I measured it).

I want to add four Jerry can mounts to it, two each over each bumper support strut. I thought of making my own clever mounts, but I realized that figuring out how to design them was posing a significant gumption trap. So I want to buy. These two come up:

RT Offroad Jerry Can Bracket

Smittybilt Jerry Can Mount

I remember seeing the RT brackets years ago and really like the economy of design. They're also cheaper than the Smittybilt units. Anyone have any experience with either of these? Other options to mount permanently on a bumper? Locking is nice, but not absolutely required if the design is otherwise right.


That ’RT’ style pretty much means you are stuck using 5gal. american style steel fuelcans. And may not work if the fuelcan bottom gets bent.
Legitimate ’ExPo Guys only use Scepter or ’Euro style fuelcans.
Ahh, that's right. The NATO cans are welded around the long axis, and US cans have that bottom weld/lip. Okay, that leaves the RT mounts out of the question. I've already decided that the NATO cans are the way to go, so they won't work.

That's awesome information, thank you.

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