Navigation Apps

I've used Hema maps for a few yrs and find it very good. You can also convert KML and KMZ files to GPX and upload those into the app if you have a track or waypoints from previous trip or from friends.

I run it on an iPad mini which is held on my vehicle dash with a ram mount.



I have Hema on Android, works good. I have friend who use Hema on iPad and I find that much better because he can download many offroad maps down to 5m by default. In Android I have to select the region and then download by going through the track in 5m mode - takes ages. I heard Android have some hardware limitations with Hema maps. Anyway I am living with this.
Some other friends who have Mudmaps, found Hema is better - a bit expensive though.
I haven't gotten an app yet but I'd suggest going to both Hema and Gaia and checking their reviews. I understand that anyone can write anything and post as a review but one company has a an unbalanced number of negative reviews compared to the other.

I use a second generation Hema Navigator and have done for years ....
Also have Hema 4x4 app on the IPad and IPhone and Ozzie Explorer as well on the computers for planing trips....
Mud maps I bought last Xmas just to see what it is like ( haven't really used it in anger yet ) .....
You can also download Memory Maps for free this seems to work ok.....

As most of our work is quite remote and single vehicle we also have paper maps and a compass....
Along with EPIRB and Sat phone as required....

Just my 2 bobs worth.....

Cheers Fugly
I've never considered Ozi Explorer as I didnt want to go the route of the a computer. Preferred something that worked on a tablet and since I have an Apple eco-system have always stayed with Hema Maps.

Fundamentally is there any difference between Ozi Explorer and Hema maps? why would one require both?

just a curious question

Ozi- Explorer is the program that runs the "Hema Maps" (maps). If you buy a Hema Gps it has an operating system that runs "Hema Maps". And yes it will run on a tablet if you get the right version of Ozi-Explorer. It can run on Android (this I know) and I believe on Apple products. Go to Ozi Explorer on the Net and take a look.