Need a good MT tire for snow and ice


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I know a MT tire is not the best in ice but I need a MT for a lot of the driving I do. I drive a full size wagoneer so it is heavy it has 35" tires now. I need strong sidewalls as I do a lot of rocky
trails and a lot of winter rides. Tires I'm looking at are BFG MT, Toyo MT, Goodyear MTR, Mickey Thomson MTZ and Cooper STT. Any help would be great.

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I like the maxxis bighorns, but they can be a pain to get balanced and tend to require a good amount of weights...

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I know a local guy who runs the KM2's with good siping in the 255/85/16 size(roughly 33.2x10 inches) all winter long and loves them, he commutes down one of the worst canyons in the state every day.


Take a look at the Cooper ST Maxx. A more MT type AT. By all accounts, great off road, super tough and good on road and ice.


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My BFG KM2's have served me well in snow; haven't had a lot of experience with them on ice but they did about as well as anything else I've had.

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I run 33" Goodyear wrangler duratracs on my 91 K5 blazer. It is excellent in 2 hi alone plowing snow . when its deep I will use 4 hi. I wheel in the summer and they are great in the sand, rocks and mud. Just my 2 cents worth.


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The Duratrac is my choice. But it's more of an AT.
Interco Trxus has worked well for me in the past. For Harcore snow wheelin' the soft Interco IROK rules. I'd like to try the Cooper STT's more next year.


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I'm not a huge fan of the duratrac for a mud tire, but they truly are the best mud/snow/ice tire I've seen. Siped and can be studded as well.


Another vote for the Duratracs, like mentioned not the best in mud, but snow and everyday driving , hard to beat


I've been running STT's for 7 years on my Jeep. They replaced some Goodyear ATS tires, and were by far a better winter tire out of the box. (Mostly Michigan winters, so ice and snow, not just mountain fluff...) That said, siping whatever tires you end up is the only way to make them work well on hard pack snow and ice. Now that my STT's are down to a quarter inch or so of tread, I'm going to replace them with some ST Maxx's, but if I still lived in MI, where there was some mud to deal with, I'd be buying another set of STT's.

I'll second the notion that BFG's are not so great on wet roads, or icy roads for that matter. Siping will help the MT's, but I'm not a fan of them either. I think BFG's rubber compound is getting left behind or something, since the A/T tread should be pretty good... There's really no other reason the wet and ice traction should be iffy...

The other nice thing about the STT's is that they're one of the quieter mud tires out there. My friend's Duratracs are pretty lumpy sounding, whereas the STT's are more mellow.
Good luck!


Another vote for the Cooper ST/Maxx. It's not a "full-on" MT, but has decent siping for winter driving, and has a tough 3-ply sidewall.
I used to run the DuraTracs when they came with a 3-ply sidewall. However, Goodyear is only using 2-ply sidewalls now- even on the E load tires.

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The BFG is garbage on ice. Absolute garbage. The STT and Toyo are better options.
^^^This^^^. KM2s are horrible in a lot of snow and ice conditions, mostly on road. They are good in deep stuff though. The Toyo MT is by far the best non snow tire I've ever run in the winter. We see up to 20' of snow annually where I live and I have to drive 25 miles into the backcountry to work, usually when the plows haven't been out yet. I only had to lock my hubs a handful of times last winter with the Toyos (315/75-16) on my F350.


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I'm a big STT fan and used them in snow without any complaint. But ice? Not so great.
I ran the Goodyear MTR too and they weren't as good in snow or mud but stuck better on the street. I had a good crash with them on ice.

I've got the Toyo AT2-Xtreme now and they're working the best so far on combined snow/ice/road. Not as good in clay-based mud as the STT but no tire is going to win everywhere.