need ideas to build a cap for 1943 bantam

good Idea.

I figured I would weld the small brackets in, as cutting a weld and polishing it off is alot less work than filling a hole and finighing from 2 sides.

But I do like the idea of an external clamp on frame that would clamp onto the existing lip of the trailer and then build off of that. only thing is that would be alot more work than I have time for.

so V1 trailer cap will be made this weekend as I am taking it on a trip in 2 weeks. trailer cap V2 may be made at a later date using your idea. maybe this winter when I need a new project. maybe make a top like a adventure trailer instead of just a flat style.

Man that is a great idea. I like it alot..

Ok so version 1 trailer cap. is going to be just a steel frame with gas springs. I will use my canvas tarp to keep out the weather or maybe just some plywood. to hold it down I will use 2 ratcheting straps to trailer tiedowns

V2 will be like you said and be a clamp on frame. and build off of that. that way I can have real hinge real locking latch and be weather tight. undo a few bolts and the whole shebang will come off and the trailer will go back to 100% origional with no brackets or anything.


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I like the clamping to the underside of the rails better than the turn-buckles.

On the gas springs, how much force they need totally depends on where they are mounted, which partly depends on what stroke you use. Once you have an angle when fully open and how much vertical force is needed at fully open, then it's just a little Trig or Analytical Geometry to get the force needed.
The Trail-Blazer in my driveway goes very slightly over center with it's gas springs.
atavuss said:
it looks to me to be at the MVPA (Military Vehicle Preservation Association) Tower Park Marina meet in April. there is also a meet in the fall at Tower Park although the spring meet is larger and has more vehicles and vendors there.
I have a M274A5 mule and go to the spring meet with it.
I also have a original and unmolested 1946 1/4 ton Bantam trailer that I want to put a top on but don't want to modify it.

thanks, might have to go in fall, only 1/2 hour away from me..
offroadchef said:
thanks, might have to go in fall, only 1/2 hour away from me..
I believe I read somewhere that the spring Tower Park MV meet is the largest in the U.S. there are people there from all over the world.
yep one of the largest anual swapmeets.

and yep ther are people from all over the world. I personally have toasted with some of them from, england, Netherlands, New Zeland, Australia. MV restoring is a huge international hobby.



my top is done. well not completely done but done enough to get me going next week. I will post pictures tonight. nothing was modified on the trailer. the top just hinges around the rould edge of the trailer and a piece of angle keeps it attached. The hardes part was the location of the gas springs.

2-150 lb springs fully extended at 35.5" gives me a 60 degree opened top. man it is like the top is not even there it is so open. down side is that it pops up 6" when unlatched. so far I will use tiedown straps to keep it closed. I did weld on a couple of chain links on the top so I can lock it onto the trailer using the tiedown hooks to secure it and keep people from taking my gear while I am away from the trailer or a night in a hotel.

I know usless without pictures. I shall post some tonight.

last things to do before my trip.

build rear landing legs ( styling after the one sold by adventure trailers) posted on this thread.

repack wheel bearings (been a few years)

switch out tires. ( my tires a a bit dry rotted.) I don't trust them for a trip this far from home.

Future mod will be a bolt on rear bar with modern tailights and a 2" reciever for a bicycle rack. This will bolt to existing tooling holes in the last crossmember of the frame. also would like to build a spair tire rack to hold the spair under the trailer. This will have a crank style hoist pirated from a pickup. and again bolted to existing tooling holes in frame.