Nevado De Toluca Mexico. Quick drive up the base of a 15K' extinct volcano.

I had a little spare time to make a quick run up to the Nevado De Toluca volcano recently. The Nevado is about 50 miles West of Mexico City. The walls are about 15,000' high and the vehicle access ends at about 13,500'. There is a toll road for passenger cars from the North. But there are free roads and trails approaching from the East.

I had been up this before in a rental car (LOL don't ask) but this was the first time in a proper 4wd. Which was good thing as heavy rains have really made the roads pretty bad. There are many side trails to explore around the perimeter of the volcano. I hope to be able to explore them.

Better quality pics and vid in google photos format.
Kinda crappy Youtube video.