new BMW G310R


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BMW has launched a new model, aimed at the burgeoning 250cc to 400cc market. The G310R is designed in Germany, and built in India by TVS. BMW is constructing a new plant in Manaus, Brasil to build the G310R and several other BMW models.

The G310R's single cylinder design is interesting, canting the cylinder backwards and placing the intake port on the front side. Motorcyclist Online says vibration is almost completely absent, thanks to a balance shaft. Here's their ride review:

Here is BMW USA's web page for the G310R

Curb weight with all fluids topped up and ready to ride is 349 lb. Price in India for the G310R is expected to be a couple of hundred dollars less than the $5000 KTM Duke 390. The KTM is tuned for maximum hp, while the G310R is tuned for world driving conditions (read: poor quality gas).

The G310R will be sold in USA, but price and release date are TBD. (Any guesses on how long before we see a GS version?)


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The embargo has lifted on articles about a test ride of the BMW G310 R, organized by BMW inLos Angeles last week. All your favorite online motorcycle blogs now have articles about the experience. Here's one example: A Motorcyclist staffer rode a Honda CB300F across town to the BMW event, and wrote a back to back comparison.

The BMW wins accolades for its fit and finish, with dressed frame welds, tight seams, and nice choice of materials. But that might be expected from a hand-selected set of pre-production machines. The Honda has a 10% smaller engine, has 12% less peak power, and costs $750 less ($3999 vs $4750 for the BMW).

Part of the extra cost of the BMW is the addition of ABS, which the Honda lacks.
Looked into the bmws this week and they are super nice but the price in canada is way off..just under 6000 when you can get way more bike for the same price. The duke was 4500, i got a smoking deal 2500 cash for a gw250...yes its less power but hey 5 year warranty by that time i hope the africa twin ralley will be in canada 😆