New camping trailer. Battery/generator questions

Generator with a good mains charger will only get you through the first 2-3 hours of charging.

Getting to full 100% takes at least another 4-6 hours of "long tail" need an ammeter to tell when it hits mfg endAmps spec.

Solar or mains overnight is best for this because low amp rate.

At least a few days per week, most cycles better, ideally every cycle, but often not possible.

A SmartGauge or an AH counting Battery Monitor helps, or use a hydrometer.

Run the Bulk genny stage, up to 80-90% SoC, before the solar day starts.
You may be able to run a 16000btu aircon unit off that 3000 kva.

And yes some aircon units startup surge may require a soft start capacitor, but others have that built in.

Best if your mains charger can de-rate Amps if you want to run both together.

Sterling ProCharge Ultra and ProMariner Pronautic P are good, future-proof adjustability.
I thought running the generator or driving down the road would be enough to keep the batteries charged. I guess I need a regular battery charger too. So much to learn. So if I’m remote camping I’m thinking of running the generator a set 3 hours or so a day to charge the batteries/watch tv/use microwave/etc. Probably run it just in the morning or more if we need ac.


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ideally you needa run the generator til its back to 100% (until you have solar to finish the job), for a set of golf cart batteries thats much longer than 3h.. IIRC it takes 8-12h to recharge a pair of em from half depleted, and unless you plan on driving that much every time they need recharged this is why a generator will save your batteries from an early death.

however.. driving to recharge is largely applicable to RV's only, since your trailer battery is so far away from your alternator and connected through a trailer plug.. its actually going to take longer to recharge it driving because I really doubt your trailer battery bank seeing more than a few amps of power from the tow vehicle.. you can drive for >12h and still not have a fully charged battery bank if all your getting is 4-5A for the bulk charge.
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The deka gc2 in a deep cycle application can benefit from higher charge voltages. 14.9V at 75f. This does help cut some time of the absorb when using a gen. Otherwise solar or overnight plug in. At the higher voltages a charger work temp compensation is critical. As is frequent water checks and good battery ventilation.