New Custom Grille Concept: Would you buy THIS?


This is a new product design I am developing. It's a single piece and easy to install. I am interested to hear opinions and feedback from this expert community of Jeep enthusiasts. It will take me some time to develop an estimate on retail sale price, but first I'd love to hear what you think. Thank you!



I think I will have to add a no vote as well. If anything make something like a chaff screen and paint on your design. At least it would add a bit of protection.


My 2 cents worth:

You're at the wrong forum asking about something that's purely "cosmetic" try asking the same question at:

Many others.

One would have a better response from the youngsters at those other forums than here. So I guess that meana a firm NO vote from me as well.. Want to do some good create something direct more towards the overland experience. be it storage options, new gadgets etc.. Going for something that's purely cosmetic isn't something that would appeal to most of us here.
Thanks - very helpful advice! I just posted on WranglerForums, since it seems to get a lot of traffic on very similar topics. Thanks for redirecting me.


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No. But I wouldn't buy a set of truck balls either.

That said, I figure you'll sell a million of 'em.


No. But I wouldn't buy a set of truck balls either.

That said, I figure you'll sell a million of 'em.

This. Would I buy one? No. Would I ever buy a slanted eye'd grill? No. But there are a ton of people who will. I don't know the details, but I would think they'd sell pretty good.I just picture one of these on a pink jeep for some reason...


I’m a no too. But as others have pointed out, they sell a crap load of those angry bird things for some reason. So we may not be your ideal target market.

By the way, they are truck nuts, not truck balls. At least that’s what the packaging mine came in said.

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A grill that looks horrendous and probably restricts airflow?! Super cool! Seriously, it's not the stupidest thing ive seen but its top 5 for sure. Your target market at the mall with the flat brim hats and tires freshly shined with the multi color led halo lights, angry grills, angry eyes and at least $500 in chinese light bars but no lockers will eat this up. Be sure to develop one for the new JL jeeps. Add some sweet back lighting to it that flickers to the drivers music.


Maybe you should read the Jalopnik editorial first, hate for you to be sued.

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