New Custom Grille Concept: Would you buy THIS?


Wow - Midnightsun sure is the correct name. Maybe even Midnightsupernova . . .:Wow1:
LOL....I grew up in Alaska. Having light is always important to keep going with your ideas don't listen to the nonsense...your on the right path....rock on man!!


I don't think is matters what your truck is or what the aesthetics are as long as you are out exploring, having fun, treading lightly, and sharing the fun with others.
Thanks - I've got plenty of other "functional" threads on Expedition Portal relating to gear and techniques, and I just finished reading your excellent article about the trek to the Cape Lookout National Seashore. I really like this community since it covers a broad range of expertise and advice. So yes, my Beast Grille idea is certainly all about style not function, but I figured people here could simply ignore the thread if it wasn't worth their time to read.

By the way, full credit to TrailBadger - he helped me out by listing some other Jeep forums where I might get some good feedback and advice on this project. Funny thing is, most of those other forums haven't been that interested and one of them removed my post because I hadn't paid a bunch of fees to be an "official vendor". I went back and forth with one of the admins, trying to explain I'm just a guy with an idea doing work in my garage and looking for feedback, but I eventually gave up. Anyway, that is a long way of saying thank you to TrailBadger and the other Expedition Members that have shared feedback (positive or otherwise, it's all helpful).

PS - just to mention it again, here's the link to the newer thread where I am actually posting photos my progress on building the full prototype: This first thread was just meant to help me decide whether or not to move forward on the idea.

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