New Defender Rage/Hate Thread

The ONLY way JLR will get Defender numbers to the fraction of Wrangler is by offering a "Plain Jane" stripped down utility version with minimum bells and whistles at a $40k price tag. It would take years of reliable operation on the road AND trails to get that line to move upward to a fractional margin of the Wrangler. The Defender is NOT in the same market as the Wrangler in any sense and until JLR or D-C decide to close the gap in either direction, there is no point at all even arguing about Jeep/Defender comparison.

Once the Jeep diesel option is out later this year for Rubicon Wrangler/Gladiator and it has some mass production bugs worked out in its second year; that gap is going to be even bigger; too bad it's not coming with a Cummins or I would already have a Gladiator on order for my "work" opportunity vehicle.


I saw one on the road in front of me at the light yesterday. It might be very capable but sure has the look of a quality mall cruiser.


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JLR, as is the entire auto industry, is severely challenged by global economic health and the distruptive aspect of the transition to high levels of technology adoption. Love or hate, that is the reality. So to the rumors that Tata has JLR either up for sale or as a minimum searching for 'partnerships', the CEO is leaving and more cuts are announced. Wouldn't be surprised to see SVO as hardest hit and maybe a model or two discontinued. I do think the coronavirus is the trigger for further global slowdowns.