New Expedition Camper - Overland Explorer

With the new tires and a full tank, the new truck scaled in at just 6800lbs.
One of the huge benefits of a gasser, is the engine weight.
Kenny as I recall the diesel was 800 lbs and 8000 dollars more. I initially planned for a gas engine. Went with the diesel for two reasons. There is a significant increase in performance by going to the diesel. Buyer concessions with my company greatly reduced the cost of the diesel upgrade. I think I will be happy with the choice.

I think the best of both worlds will be the rumored Ford V8 Eccoboost.
Oh don't worry, I think you made a great choice for your needs.

We simply wont be hauling heavy enough, or put on enough miles, to justify the need for the diesel, so we went gasser.

The 6.7 is one hell of a motor that should treat you well. Double the torque of the gasser, and better fuel mileage. Had I the need for it, we would have went that route.

Certainly would have been easier to find.... finding a big block (6.8 or 6.2) in an extended cab long bed, that wasnt totally thrashed, wasnt exactly easy.
Progress is underway. Dry fitting than off for powder coating of the aluminum extrusions and interior cabinets; than final assembly. I am hoping for a completion date around the end of October.


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Latest on my wheels. Nothing has happened at Rickson. I am currently thinking to keep the duels, I really dislike the idea of decreasing the footprint on the rear which would happen if I go to singles. I am having a 7.5 wide wheel being made for test fitment. I am thinking to run the 285/70R19.5 in a dual rear wheel configuration.
Having issues with posting pics. Some might be duplicates. Overland Explorer keeps humming along. They have been absolutely great to work with to date. An outstanding customer service experience so far. We are targeting the second week of November for final completion and pick up.