New GM Hd?

I know, I know...

Back on topic, here's the High Country

Ha! :D

I don't totally hate it, like most everything about it but the grill. But just about everything has massive grills now-a-day.

Not that it matters...will most likely never own one myself...too much truck for me.

Diggin the new Gladiator though! that seems just about the right size and what-not. Midsizes might be the next hot thing since fullsizes have gotten so damn big. It is like they sized similar are a true fullsize of yesteryear.

I think they killed it. Not positive though but thought I read on a dealer add of a manual truck, "last year for this transmission"
Just a matter of time, only reason I was kinda looking at Ram's is to get a manny...but still waaaay too much truck for me. So over-kill...

At least the Gladiator is manny, about all I "need" any how. :D
I have had under powered trucks in the past,what a PIA. My 75 Chevy struggled on my local 7% grade,peddle to the metal at 55 MPH,my 91 Toyota was almost OK until I had to slow down and had to down shift into third,I could redline it and it could not handle shifting back into fourth. If some want to drive under powered trucks,cool,just stay in the right lane and drive the grade at 5K RPM in third,I will be rolling over it at 70MPH at 2K RPM with the AC on. I decide what I need,people that want to decide what others need should try some dietary fiber.;)
I will be rolling over it at 70MPH at 2K RPM with the AC on. I decide what I need,people that want to decide what others need should try some dietary fiber.;)
Oh for sure! Still have to make fun of it though. ;) Like the dudes with a 6" bracket lift...sitting on 37" 22" rims, lots of bedazzling that never see dirt.

Heck, that very dude was a gas station a couple few months ago, and I roll in from camping covered in filth. He kinda sneered at me, and I least mine sees dirt buddy! Thought he was going to kick my ass, I probably could of out run him though, given how tight is rhinestone covered jean were... :D
still better than the moose antlers on the ram.
Dunno...that dog leg on the Cheby would give a run for its' money. Gee-bus...must be getting old I don't understand why they design these things like they do.

Do like that step in the front of the bedside, that is nice touch.
agree about the's getting harder and harder for me to climb in and out of the box these days.why the others don't use them,i don't know.although it might interfere with the camper tiedowns.even a bumper step would help.
i didn't realize the forrester is a domestic full size.
Sorry...that was brought up because, I was saying my wife wouldn't even drive one. She likes trucks and SUVs...speaking of how things look. She wouldn't be caught dead in a Suby...she hates 'em. Me I don't care..I would drive one...though I have no use for it, no need for rear seats. Kinda wish there was a AWD utilitiy version of it. Something like a Ford Transit Connect but lifted and AWD, something tall enough to get a dirt bike in. that fetched 30 mpg. That would super useful. Not much a market for that here though...we like our huge pickup trucks.

Do they make transit connects in AWD? I have one, the extended length version. We have it loaded down pretty good plus a pipe rack and it gets about 19mpg.