New Jeep - Gladiator Rubicon


Sorry, I was thinking a full length seamless soft top would be interesting. The hard top concepts look great too.



Some pics from this past weekend, took a trip to the NY/PA border and got 2-3" of snow. Got to try out the Crua Loj in cold weather for the first time and was very impressed with it vs. my previous Alaknak. It's more well engineered, if not quite as well executed.

The Jeep performed well, but I damaged something on the exhaust and I HATE that the ignition has to be on for the inverter to work. This mean I had to idle the Jeep for long periods of time if I wanted to use AC power for more than 20 minutes (which is as long as the ACC will stay on for). I'm going to figure out how to make it just tie to the dash switch regardless of ignition status.

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So a major bummer - I had my Jeep scheduled to go in last Friday for the driveshaft recall. On Wednesday evening, I got stuck in traffic and it started shifting roughly. Friday morning on the way to the dealer it went into what appeared to be a failsafe mode - stuck in 4th. Got word Friday afternoon that it needed a new transmission and that I'm 12th in line for one, so does not appear to be an isolated issue. I may not have it back for weeks. In the interim they gave me a rental Ram Rebel - not really my cup of tea. It has more power but worse mpg, bigger and heavier without much more payload or towing, and is a rougher ride. I also don't really like riding around with something that says Rebel on the back, but it was that or a minivan....