New, Kodiak 2 man canvas tent and ARB 2500x2500 awning and wind break

New unused, still in box KODIAK 2 man canvas tent.... and matching ground tarp
Bought online from Competitive Edge in Utah.
Outstanding tent, probably the best small canvas tent you can buy....
Sells for 350$ (US) at Cabela's plus importation fees 60$ (Ca.)

Kodiak 6086 Canvas 2-Person 6 x 8.5 Flex Bow Tent

Perfect 5 star reviews....I've gone in a different direction with purchase of Teardrop trailer

North Vancouver

Also Have an ARB 2500x2500 awning with "Wind break" had it mounted on my 3 crossbars via Thule rack with proper ARB mounting hardware, atop of my Van (Never used It)
Purchased from Northwest 4x4 in North Van, Sept 2018. A 2 wheel drive Van turned out to be a bit of a challenge for Utah and beyond
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Crazy Schooner

Fortune's A Mistress
I was debating buying a Jeep earlier this week and would have needed a smaller tent to toss in the back. I decided against the Jeep, so I'm just going to stick with a larger model tent. Good luck on the sale!
Interested to know how big the tent is when it's packed away. Can't seem to find any decent images on-line...
pretty small, if you you on youtube.... Competitive edge has a set up video which shows unboxing etc.....I was going to roll mine up like a swag xped and bags etc and carry it in a ARB swag bag