New Mog Life

The last 3 weeks I was working non stop and the cabine is almost ready, I would like to post some pics about , but I dont know why It is not working any more from my user, I try from laptop or Phone but there is a problem....It is a shame but any way I Will make first trip Next week , I Will post my first impresion
So, finally we are on the road...we made first 400 km from Valencia to the south of Spain, Cabo de Gata , a Natural protected park, the cruising speed at the moment is 85 km , and everything on the cabine is working , It is a pleasure after couple of months working to test your job ....I Will post some pics , now It is not possible by the network, very slow here
Last weekend we made the second exit whit the Mog, just 300 km far on to the Center of Spain, not bad at all , -2 C°degres on the night and we did'nt use the warming system,we are very Happy whit the result, the only small mistake is the size of the Air intake on the room, we need to increasse It, because we felt some condensation problems, I mind It is by the Air renovation, It is not enought, any idea?

Hello Jose, great you didn't need heating in - 2 degrees, shows your cabin is very well insulated.

Do this trip confirm the good milleage < 19 ltr/100kms?

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