New Mog Life

Next steep ...the seats, It was not easy to find a set of seats un a good shape and the right distribution, my truck has three seats as a std and I would like to keep but whit some more the end I found a set of Transporter ww un a crapyard ...not cheap but they were almost New....I Will post some mor pics when fited..
This morning was the time for the New front grill , my oldone was a little bit damage by the years, I was cheking few options and at the end I decide to buy the merex grill, I must to say the price is not cheap , but the quality is very very good, I work whit many parts un composites, by my job , and this is a good product, I can recomend It


Last updates....the stering wheel was a bit damage , I was thinking to use the original and cover whit Sky , but is still Big for me , cheking the forum I found the option of vip52 sterings wheel for Freightliner, whit the bigest spacer they have, the result:




The rack roof painted, and rear Bar
The final check for tecnical inspection is Done, the weight whit 120 liters of water and 90 diesel on the tanks is 6.2T, the idea is to make a trip to Moroco this december to test It , I Think is a good result..Im very Happy whit It, maybe Im a bit obssesed whit the weight but Im convince that It makes the diference in 4x4
IMG_20180414_163240-780x1040.jpg IMG_20180414_162640-1040x780.jpg
After some headache, I decide to increase the capacity of the wheel hubs to 900cc from the 300cc on the std hubs, to do It I build one external crankcase and I Will use the drain holes ti fix It to the hub, the oil Will pass throuhg the bolts, the sproket moves the oil as a pump and one part of the hub becomes whit oil and the other empty so , the oil Will circulares in. Some pics about the prototipe,


That's very interesting. I was thinking about trying something similar. I'm really interested in how that works out for you.

How are you going to manufacture the final version? Will it be CNC milled aluminum? I was thinking of making a welded tank from water jet cut 3mm thick stainless steel that looks similar to your prototype.