New Mog Life

That's very interesting. I was thinking about trying something similar. I'm really interested in how that works out for you.

How are you going to manufacture the final version? Will it be CNC milled aluminum? I was thinking of making a welded tank from water jet cut 3mm thick stainless steel that looks similar to your prototype.


I Will build in CNC aluminium, 6061, I Think It is enought, I allready ask for quotation this morning, I Hope I Will know something in few days, the Next capacity Will be 911cc of valvuline, I expect to try It and let You know how It works
That sounds good. I think 6061 is a good choice especially for a prototype. I look forward to seeing your results.

Yes...if you need to modify You can weld, in any case even for final product I keep because 7075 is too stif, 6061 became bended if you punch whit some Stone....I have a very good results whit it
Which is the wheelbase of your Mog, 3.250mm or 3.850mm? Which are the external measures of the box: lenght, width and height?

I did not decided yet the measures to my U1300L (3.250mm wheelbase) box and yours looks really good!
My Mog has 3250 ...It looks maybe ok because the box is just 3.6 meters, by 2 hight, when I was thinking on the sizes the limit was clear , I see many Big boxes on a small Unimog, and at the end the weight is to high , Unimog is small truck, another history is the heavy duty models whit 3800 wheelbase and 12 t payload, but my is a small 1300L
Wide is 2.1m It is not the máximum, but It is enought, the cut has a bit more ,It start in 3.1 meters, but do not expect a Big Big space whit this size, my is ok for Two people, two 90cm beds, nice toilette whit 80x80 cm shower, small kitchen and Big table
Here in Argentina is not possible to buy or import all the "things" (like the composite panels) you can find in Europe or somebody can buy in the US to build a composite box, for that reason I am thinking in the option of buying a brand new refrigerated truck box with the measures I want, and then I will do the cut on the low tail and in the top front to make the angles.

The companies who build the refrigerated boxes make the plastic injected panels they use (the quality is very good) but they do not sell just the separated panels, but the whole finished box. The problem I see is the thickness of the panels they use to make a box, are about 14cm the floor, and 5cm to 7cm the walls and about 8cm to 10cm the roof. That means a box of 2m exterior length is about 1.80 or less inside.

The box my mog use to have was 2.4m wide.
In any case , I build bot just in composite panels the box , because I consider is not enought strong to make intendente offroad, the base is a steel frame, not heavy but It makes to feel less stres the panels when the truck is torching, keep in mind the Unimog has a very soft frame , my box panels are all around 90 mm thicknes. Bonito país para recorrer Suerte!!!
I will ask, because I think the panels have internal reinforcements (ribs) where they attach the accessories depending on the use of the box. Gracias por tu ayuda!


Hey Ian, let me test few thousands of km and in summer we tanlk about, I want to be sure I dont need to modify any details, we can meet in Phillip Island and I can bring You a set if everything is ok