New Mog Life


Finally the Mog is street legal as motorhome!!!!! This morning I pass the control, at the moment is just 5000 kg, I expect to ad whit all the fourniture 700 kg so It is no bad.....masive Alu...jeje, so now I start whit the walls and the beds, I need to fix the brakets before I screw the walls




Cheking the sizes....


Yes, its true is old staff but for the age It has is amazing the power to stop the truck, The price for the complete pads set is 50€ , four pads, original Mercedes, no dramatic
Hello Ian , It was a pleasure to meet whit You and your wife in Phillip Island, I Hope It was a funy weekend, Im planimg to make first trip in december, Our idea is to make a short trip in The south of Spain and Portugal to test everything, so maybe few thousand of km, this Will be not easy because I have still two test before the end of the year on my job and I dont have to many weeks to finish the truck
Steel frame box with steel frame furniture... isn't that going to be way too heavy? Just wondering.

The normal wood for fourniture is 8 , 9 mm , the one I want to use whit this size is very very heavy, It is waterprof, so I take some numbers, the Stainlessteel I use is 1,5 mm , 30x30 mm, at the end It is more ir less the same weight, another consideración , my idea is to isolate whit aluminium the flor of this staff in case of lack from the tanks or the bateries and boilling, I dont damage the wood any case the truck at this moment is just 5100kg, I Hope whit all this things I Will be not more than 6 t, not too much