New/old trailer build 1966 Apache Raven tent trailer

New member here and figured I would post up my trailer build. Building it to make extended camping trips more comfortable, IE: more gear and getting off the ground.

The trailer is a 66 Apache Raven I picked up a couple weeks ago from a seller on Craigslist.

The day we picked it up



The trailer was overall in very good shape and was still used by the original owner as of Oct last year. The canvas was in really nice shape; free of tears and zippers all funtion. It is currently dropped of for a cleaning and water resistant treatment.

The original frame was quickly removed and I have started on the new frame using 2X3 .125 steel.

It will be lifted enough to be level with my jeep and ride on 35's with a trailing arm suspension with airbags and shock's.


Start of new frame


The X is the original Main frame


The suspension I am using.


The body will be tubbed to fit the wheels and tires, After the frame is complete. As soon as the fun stuff is done I will move on to the cosmetic stuff; make a hard top for it, paint, flooring and camping necessities.


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Mark Harley

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Cool build, Looks like the tub is a nice size and when the wheels are mounted you will not have to cut the tub very much.
Matching wheels and tires too? Silver to match the jeep color? Keep us posted on the build.


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Nice score.
I remember those old units having been into tent trailers many years ago.

Beautiful weather in Auburn today too!
Well, I would have more to update but I had to go to Van Nuys for what I thought was a few days; turns out I've been stuck here since last sunday and will probably be here through next wednesday.:mad:

Good news is that my trailing arms are ready and are at the powder coater as I speak; taking a trip out to Bend on the 24th to relax, do some rafting and pick them up.

Yes looks like the tent was replaced at some time and it is in great shape, I will more than likely have a couple windows added on the ends for some additional ventilation.
Finally found a little more time this week to get some work done on the trailer. I ended up dropping the X portion off to get media blasted; I just wasnt happy with the results of the wire wheel. Measured and cut out the wheel wells, started stripping on the trailer and got a large portion of the frame welded up. Picking up the suspension this weekend and hope to have a roller very soon.



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I have no idea why you wanted to build around that weak X frame that uses tiny screws to attach the trailer bed, I ditched mine from the get-go and life was much easier.
Because I like the x frame, I wanted to keep it in order to retain some of the original frame design. I have an appreciation for vintage American made products. Now if it was vintage Chinese junk it would have went in the trash pile. Besides by the time I'm done with it the x is only doing two things. Helping add additional support and point to secure the floor and center the tongue.
Planning on side rails on both sides , rear tire carrier and swing as well as a hard top with a roof rack to carry a couple kayak's. Propane, batteries, water etc will be added later, just focusing on getting the trailer in useable condition mechanically and cosmetically first.
Well, I managed to get a little more done today before I ran out of wire:oops: Problem is I knew I was getting low; it's my fault. Also started framing out the wheel wells so I can get started on the tubs; its also going to help add some much needed rigidity to the side of the trailer box, definitely wasnt made for strength.