new pop up for us!


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Chet....great score. I was not aware they made small pop ups with that type of design. Looks like it'll serve your needs well.


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chet said:
can you believ we camped for 3 days this weekend and didn't take one picture of the new trailer! :smilies27

It worked really well though. We had about 4 km of really rough gravel road and it seemed alright but needs some better springs I think. We also need a heater the 4 month old needed some serious snuggling the one night to keep warm.


I started seaching for one in my area and actually found one. Can you explain more of how yours was lifted?

Also how do you plan on dealing with the heater issue?



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the lift looks bad but I have seen where this rig has been since it was lifted in the early '90's and its still in one piece so I guess it works. It has slapper leaf springs (ride on the frame at one end) and massive lift blocks between the axle and the springs. I would probably go to proper eye-eye leaf springs and drop brackets for the frame attachments.

As for the heat I need to find a mr.buddy (dumb name!) portable heater they use the disposable propane cylinders and have a CO sensor and a tip over sensor. They are approved for inside use in the states but not up here in Canada :confused: Although the tent trailer has enough air infiltration to keep it supplied with fresh air.

We paid $1200 for it but everything seems to cost a bit more on Van island then everywhere else! :luxhello:

Next mod is move the spare to under the rig and add a small triangular shelf to the hitch to store a small propane cylinder and a water jug. Thats for next year though.


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Cool... I have used Catalytic heaters inside tents before - work well but they get really, really hot. Don't even think of moving it when it's hot.

What year is the trailer?


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yes there is it fold down into another bed. the table is big enough to seat 4 at.


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Adventurer pics?!

on the subject of the heater, do not know if they can be used in Canada, but the Zodi tent heaters are nice. propane bottle is actually outside of tent, no chance of CO. But you would need a 12v source for the fan...may be an option for ya?

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