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I am looking for a new radio unit for my 2011 Titan. I would like to replace the factory radio with one that has Navigation with both streets and trails,satellite radio,blue tooth and wifi. I saw some units from insane audio but they do not appear to have a product that fits the Titan. Has anyone gone down this road and have any advice? Thank you.
I think what is going to be a lug wrench in your request is the "Trails" part of your requirements and or the XM/Satellite Radio.
The after market head units like Pioneer, Alpine, and Kenwood are very proprietary, meaning you cannot load trail mapping aps like BackCountry navigator onto the head unit and they only come with street maps.

You could get a Android based double din unit something like this:

I am fairly certain you can install off-roading /trail Aps like BackCountry Navigator on the Android double din units, But they do not have XM/Satellite radio capability.

I have a 2012 Nissan Frontier ...Stock stereo maybe similar to yours?
Anyway my Nissan Frontier Stock stereo has a 3.5mm aux audio input where I plug in a Samsung SM-T580NZKAXAR android tablet to.
The tablet has split screen capability so I can run trail maps and Spotify/Pandora at the same time or just have the screen one big map.
I can run XM/Satellite Radio from my stock radio or from my extremely old Garmin 2830 GPS that also has XM/Satellite Radio
Also my factory stereo head unit has bluetooth for phone calls only.

Here is a pic of the Android 10" tablet industrial velcro-ed over the top of my stock stereo...I have stock steering wheel controls for volume and functions , so no need to see or touch the stock head unit.
Split screen with map and spotify music

Another pic going up the Morrison Jeep Trail in Wyoming/Montana.

I was planning on getting an android double din head unit like the Joying or Avin but my factory speakers are rated at 2 Ohm and all the aftermarket stereo head units are rated at 4 Ohm meaning it would not sound quite right and then I would have to replace all my factory speakers to aftermarket 4 ohm speakers.
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I didn't have this issue on my 2015 Titan because they'd updated the dash to accomodate a double DIN unit from the factory and my 2017 has a head unit that meets my needs (for now).

That said, your solution is easy and you've got a choice.

The head unit install part is easy. Get the Metra double DIN install kit and your truck will look like this.

Then your challenge is getting a head unit that meets your needs. As MNCarl said, an Android head unit will give you the abilty to run trail navigation apps on your head unit. None of those have satellite radio input, but you can easily add an external tuner and route the aux in that all of these have. Your other solution would be to install a head unit that does all you want, then add your trail navigation via tablet or a large screen smart phone. I'd actually advise that, as your cell data useage is likely to be higher with a tethered android head unit.

If you want to have the cell phone mounted so you can easily see/reach it, I suggest the Panavise bracket. It's an easy install and will take any sort of mount you need to hold whatever device you choose. I had one in my 2015 Titan, my 2009 Pathfinder, and my 2007 Murano.


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Thank you for the help. I admit some of it is way over my head but I get the basic concept and it has given me a great place to start.


If you look at the Kenwood aftermarket units I believe they use Garmin nav, and some aftermarket trail maps are available for Garmin units.