NEW RIG: 2012 F-150 FX4


Viking with a Hammer
Does anyone else think their F150 sucks terribly in the snow?

Is the truck too light weight?

Maybe it is the Duratrac tires?

My other truck could go through anything and everything, just with the LSD rear..........was it the weight of the one ton diesel that made that HUGE of a difference?

Snow on roads is 70% skill. 20% tires. 5% everything else.

If you're running the pedal commander like many F150 owners, it needs removed. That's messing up the skill part. You have to roll into the throttle slower, and increase it at a slight exponential rate as weight transfers.

You could add weight too the bed, but that's for amateurs. (unless you plow) Duratracs are fine in snow. Cooper ST Maxx are better. There's no shame in using 4wd to get going.
Losing interest in this truck fast, and not impressed or pleased with alot of things

With that being said, I actually did purchase a Hypertech Max Energy for pretty cheap, just to try it out
D45- I followed your Dodge build and this one. Nice work, What's next on the list? Run the F150 or back to Dodge?
Thanks, I miss the old Dodge ......and the solid axle and manual tcase

The backseat was just not big enough and the rear seats were too upright to passengers.

The cab size on the F150 is huge, especially with the car seat
Maybe the Duratracs excel in deep 6 days, we got hit with over a foot of snow

The truck did very well in 4HI......I even went through several roads that were untouched by the plows and drove through several plow snow banks that were well over 18 inches

I am still having to empty the catch can every week, in the cold the 3 ounce can fills up FAST

I still have this constant and non stop banging/clunking noise......very annoying
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Sorry, I haven’t read your whole post to see what the deal is with your clunk.
Look into the EPAS (power steering)

They are electronic, and early years had some issues. Mine clunks, feels like something loose in the suspension. Its expensive to repair at the dealer. I may try to fix it myself one day.

There have been complete failures, then there have been some that just are clunky. Some last 100k+, some only 20k.

Seems that there are issues if you don’t unplug the rack when working on suspension (installing your lift)
The clunking and thud noises are near constant

I have vacation the first week of April, and I will drop it off at another dealership for warranty repair
I have followed this from day 1 and have been a pretty big fan of the f150 and 3.5 ecoboost. Looked at buying a left over 2016 the other month and drove and really liked it but ended up buying a 2500HD instead. Turned out to be more truck for less money. Anyways, just wanted to let you know that your thread and experience played a pretty big role in me NOT buying an f150. Hope you get yours sorted out or into something else.
Hopefully this next dealer trip will work out better

Otherwise I will drive it, deal with it and sell it next year when its paid off

Not impressed, at all
After speaking with many many people and a few local techs......they suggested getting a cheap tuner that adjusts tire hopefully help the fuel mileage issue

These Duratracs are listed as being 34.1" tall, but once mounted on the truck I get 33"

I bought a used 42501 Max Energy for cheap and programmed it tonight.......once I know the tire size is dialed in, I will need around with some of the performance levels of the tuner and see what happens

Right now I am at 14.0 mpg
The Max Energy really adds a nice kick, even at the lower regular octane level

It is very noticeable......I am tempted to try the premium, but I will refrain from doing so

Premium Octane: +87HP / +101TQ
Regular Octane: +65HP / +58TQ
Any change in MPG? I am about to calibrate my speedo to see if that changes it (which should at least get the MPG right on the display and odometer correct again). Not going to tune though