new roof for a Jayco?

so, I picked up a Jayco 9.5 ft camper today, its a 97 model. the complete roof is missing. can you get a compete roof assembly from jayco, or would it be better to just build a new one? I have skills, but not always the time.
Yeah I will probably just build one. any good threads on building a new roof? gotta figure out what to use for roof skin and where to get it, and what to build the frame out of. should be an adventure.
it has the cabledrive setup just like their other popups. I thought it was all good but looked at it this morning and the front two lift poles are not there, or the cable is broke. I'll have to dig into it more later. gotta figure out if I want to do a wood construction roof again, or aluminum tubing. haven't found any builds so far where the roof section has been rebuilt.
Googling some images of Jayco roofs, they look pretty heavy, and would require the lifting system. If you could build an aluminum framed and skinned roof it would be much lighter. With that, you could raise the roof by hand and support it with a electrical conduit system. Check out wanderthewest and some of the builds for four wheel campers. There's threads on making a lift system out of electric conduit. You will also find some pictures of roofs being rebuilt.