New RTT Company??


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Both CVT and Freespirit are located in Bend, Oregon and I'm using equipment from them both. I own the Freespirit Journey trailer but mounted a Denali RTT from CVT on the trailer because I need room to sleep 4. I'm super happy with both for my needs.

Both companies have great customer service and knowledgable staff in their showrooms, but Freespirit seems to be experimenting with non-traditional tent designs. Some of the models they had in the showroom when I visited them 2 years ago aren't in the catalog anymore.


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Did I miss a thread? Anyone seen these? Freespirit
I own an FSR M55 tent and I absolutely love it. its flat collapsible instead of a clam-shell making it a much larger footprint, but much lighter and lower profile. Ill try to get a couple pictures of it up. I'm currently working on a build thread for my m416, there will be a more lengthy review of them in it. I can make the bed(nearly queen mattress) with down comforter, sheets and pillows, and still easily get the cover on. The mattress is nearly 5" thick with the top half being memory foam. It vents really well and with a dry-z-air hanging, we had no moisture after 3 day on the Oregon coast. The annex is somewhat clunky, but once set up its a massive room with 4 walls and a floor. 3 doors open and steak out creating 3 separate awnings and a large foyer