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I've been lurking in these forums for awhile, but finally got a vehicle worthy of posting!

I've been aware of the Sportsmobile for many years, but it wasn't until the wife saw one at the beach with the owners comfortably reclining in the back that she agreed that it would be cool to get one. We've been using a Tacoma to camp from, but with the addition of a baby last week we figured the SMB would make it easier to keep our camping lifestyle with kids.

It took a few years of planning and thought before we actually ordered it, delivery took almost 8 months and we picked it up last month.


We got the diesel engine with an espar diesel heater, it is nice to only have to worry about water and diesel. The SMB people are really nice about doing anything you want and there is an active mailing list of owners so you can get a good perspective about what works and doesn't. I'd still need to add a solar panel and on-board air, this is like owning a boat, always something to add!

It is pretty big, I parked next to a co-workers Vanagon at work and it totally dwarfed it. You definitely feel the mass when you are driving but I am getting used to it. It is nice having storage space for almost anything that you would want to take along.

The pickup and our first trip to the Sierra National Forest photo album is here Including a trip to the exact center of California!

Anybody got any secret winter camping spots at Mammoth?



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Wow, I've been drooling over those for a long time. Alan does great work.

Welcome to ExPo!:sombrero:


Welcome and Congrats on your purchase:exclaim:
We need a SMB owner to be active here...look forward to heaing about your future experiences in your great new rig...Happy Trails!


Very cool. It really looks right at home in that setting.

I check ebay motors every now and then to see if any pop up. Very neat adventure vehicles.

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:beer: ....dbl Cheers!.... :beer:

....and Welcome!