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We got to see this thing in person last night at the Meet and Greet. It was very cool and would be awesome for many trips. I can't remember you name:eek: and didn't get to talk to you much because we were on different ends of the table, but thank you for coming out.


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tadg said:
Anybody got any secret winter camping spots at Mammoth?

Sweet rig and welcome! Close to Mammoth, there are some cool places on Mono Lake down some dirt trails. No worries with deep snow there and you are still pretty close.


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Still to do.

One of the questions was about mods, since that is pretty much what this hobby is about.

We got the basic SMB 4x4 package, which includes the Atlas transfer case and Dynatrack and Dana 60 axles, sway bar disconnect and such. I did get the limited slip in the back, one thing to add in the future would be lockers.

We thought a long time about the aluminum bumpers that they have, the look really nice and would provide a great place to put a winch. They do add a couple of hundred pounds (which the van doesn't need) and another $4500 (which I didn't need!)

I have already added a Xantrex inverter (the SMB one is total overkill) and plan to add a solar panel in the next few months, something to keep the fridge running for a few days. I have gotten some LED lights and am looking at upgrading the incandescent lights inside to the more efficient LEDs.

I have found the perfect place for on-board air, so that is also on my list to add once I find the perfect cost/performance compressor. Although the CO2 systems would be a lot faster to fill those tires to 55 psi street pressure.



Wow, nice rig, Tad.

Welcome to ExPo! There are a bunch of us who would love to have a SMB...and diesel too! Great pick!

North of the Mammoth Lks turnoff from 385 and only a couple miles north of the 'Loop' road to the west, FSR 2507 goes east past Owens River Ranch out to Long Valley and back down to Whitmore Hot Sprgs.

Big Springs CG is roughly two miles east of 395 on FSR 2507. That's a nice, quiet FS CG and gives you access to a bunch of backcountry dirt roads. We've never been there in the dead of winter but a bunch of times in late fall.

South of M Lks and closer to Bishop I think dispersed camping along the Owens River below Pleasant Valley Res and on the left bank (Chalk Bluff Rd) is still permitted. Not certain though.

As far as the trails around/near Mono Lk I believe they close many of those in the winter, not so much because of deep snow but an attempt to prevent ruts from being scoured into the tracks. You can check at the FS office in Bishop for details.

Anyway, very, very nice van. Way cool!

Allen R


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Sportsmobile expedition group

We ran into a parade of these things going up Placer Gulch NE of Silverton Colorado on my vacation in late July, photo below. It was part of a 100+ group of Sportsmobile owners who had all congregated in a campground south of Silverton. I was on a "jeep tour" ( my Blazer Chalet won't be ready for this kind of 4x4 camping 'til next summer), and our driver was initially annoyed that we would be slowed down by this crowd, however, at the top of the gulch, they all pulled over and allowed us to go to the front of the line. The leader of the group stepped out as we passed by, took a brief video of us in our screamin' yellow stretched Wrangler (next photo), and explained that he purposely pulled the group over as a courtesy to us.

That speaks highly of the "Sportsmobile folks" in general, I've already sent a complimentary email to the Sportsmobile main office about that group's road manners.

RC, Phoenix



robert said:
Congrats- I love the Sportsmobiles; if I had the money I would have bought one of too.
Hm, our solution was to sell EVERYTHING else... Been its own share of hassles, but still glad we did it. Our front yard is now HUGE. Unpredictable weather though.


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Folks, Erik & Amy have one EXTREMELY impressive and thorough web site detailiing their Sportsmobile, don't pass it up.


I agree is a fantastic website. I think i've read through every page to get ideas on how to build the inside of my van. It is just a wealth of information on what worked and what didn't and what modifications they've had to make to the van.


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Thanks for the link, and thanks to Erik and Amy for documenting their build up.
Enjoyed looking over your website, great mods & pics. Looking forward to
reading more in your weblog. Happy trails...!!!


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I'm not really considering this....just curious since i saw this thread come back..

I have a bud who's father has a 99 E250 with Quigly 4WD conversion. It's about to see ~250K miles on a gas motor and they may be looking to part with it.

What's the general concensus on SportsMobile's quality,price and functional layout?

What other companies are out there that they compete with? Who rates where?

Those with a SportsMobile....what would you do different if you had to do it again?


77blazerchalet said:
"We ran into a parade of these things going up Placer Gulch NE of Silverton Colorado on my vacation in late July, photo below. It was part of a 100+ group of Sportsmobile owners who had all congregated in a campground south of Silverton."

Small world! Your photo of the group of Sportsmobiles in Colorado includes ours! The tan van with the blue water jugs, nearest the camera, is our van. I found this site through a link on the Badger's website and just signed up. Lots of good reading this evening.

Best regards,

Brian Rutherford