New Sportsmobile


Former Chalet owner

That's fun. If you turned around at that spot and headed back down, you might be in this pic as well, though individual vans are hard to identify. Otherwise, we passed all of you near the top. I suppose this summer I should specifically ask a Sportsmobile owner for a look inside their unit since it is always better to see one in person, on the assumption all of you will be back in the area again. Alas, my Chalet won't be ready for my annual July vacation, its 30 year old wiring is still iffy along with a few other items, so I'll be offroading in my VW again - as in the top photo of this composite from another thread

Since it is such an old camper and with not such great build quality (note: the current Chinook company is related in name only to the Chinook Mobilodge company that built mine), I'd take my Chalet on the gentler 4x4 roads, I don't think it would like twisty stuff that the Sportsmobiles can handle with ease!

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