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railbat said:
Congrats on getting a Sportsmobile! We've had one for a year and a half and are very happy with it. Looks like you are getting the RB50 floorplan. Are you getting the diesel engine?

Regarding the top folding down, it does so in an accordion fashion. There are two bunge cords around the top that pull it in and it folds as it drops. They suggest you stop half way down when lowering the top and push out the front corners to make it fold neatly. It seems to work well.

Some photos of our van and the Sportsmobile West factory are at:

Look under the Travel and Sportsmobile project folders.


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I've looked at your site on a number of occasions. Great pics. Your latest post under travel has some photos at the Sportsmobile factory from the 3rd of September. I think our van was on the rack and the second tan one from the end.

We're getting the 6.0 Diesel engine in ours. This will be my first diesel vehicle, although my folks had two when I was growing up.

BTW - I see your from the Bellingham area. I lived in Port Angeles in the 80's, born in Vancouver, Wa.

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Well, finally finished. Orientation today, delivery tomorrow. We're trying to decide where to go first....:smiley_drive:


cobblecrazy said:
Well, finally finished. Orientation today, delivery tomorrow. We're trying to decide where to go first....:smiley_drive:

That's great! I remember being in awe that I was buying a 4x4 camper van, as I had wanted one for sooo many years. Hope you get many great years of fun out of it. If you pass through Bellingham, feel free to stop and say hi.

Brian Rutherford


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Man oh man.......

Sell the house, put everything else in storage and bon yoyage!

Congratulations on taking delivery of your Sportsmobile. You must be elated. I would be.

And the question isn't, "Where do we go?" The question now is, "Where won't we go?"



First Trip

We took our first shakedown cruise to Mammoth for the weekend. Made sure everything worked. Snowing when we arrived, but the weather was great for the rest of the weekend. Too bad we had to come home. Here are some pics.


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Awesome! :wings:
You must be as excited as kids at Christmas!


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That color seems to be popular!!

Picked up my SMB last Friday. Never realized that such a color would be so popular.

Now if I can only figure out all the button, dials and gagets inside I might be able to take it out this winter!

At least I know how to engage the 4wd and lockers!

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Topher Walters

I don't want to hijack your thread but I have had my Sportsmobile since September and I have spent 30 wonderful nights in it. I love it and know you picked the best color. They are amazing vehicles.