New sticker... and an oil Leak.

I was given a new sticker by a student yesterday. She said I had the coolest jeep she had ever seen.


On a side note, I have an oil leak now. Anyone have any thoughts where to start?

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Yeah I dont think that is it. this is coming from off the skid plate. I have tracked the drip to the front cover of the motor. Its Really Irrelevant. I'm going to drop it off at LR Austin tomorrow.
Did you recently have an oil change done? I bet either the filter or drain plug is loose, assuming it is engine oil leaking. Those motors don't typically leak oil.
The whole front of the motor just had to be replaced that last time this POS craped out. So there maybe a loose bolt from that. It has the original Control arms too, so if y'all are not pulling my leg about that, they could be going to too. Just really looks to be coming from the front cover.


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My money is on the previous front end engine work inducing a leak. As for LCA bushing, yes they are oil filled and can leak when they wear out. The oil is a small dark oil drop just inboard of the tire. Worn LCA's feel like a clunk in the suspension when going over speed bumps.
So since I never Follow up with whats was wrong and if it was fixed... The leak was from the front cover. LR fixed it as they just had that all pulled apart three weeks ago when they rebuilt the front of the motor.