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I'm going to possibly put on some new wheels and tires to a 3rd gen 4Runner. I'm thinking about some BF Goodrich all terrains but they may be out of my price range. Does anyone know of another good all terrain for about $110 to $125?

Secondly, I know nothing about companies that produce wheels, but I'm looking at a price range from between $90-$110.

I'm going to be asking a bunch of questions today so please try your best to answer.

Thanks a bunch guys,

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On a tight budget, look on Craigslist for a fresh set of takeoffs from somebody's new truck. You might find a set of factory wheels and tires, mounted and balanced and ready to go for a few hundred dollars. The biggest problem with Toyota types is that they think their stuff is gold, so be prepared to negotiate.


What size?

Your location is listed as South Florida. Where are your travels going to take you? Is an all terrain really what you want? I haven't been offroad in FL but the image in my head is one where a mud tire would do well.


Depending on your wheel size check with Discount they sometimes have some tires for decently cheap. I got an amazing deal on my Cooper ATPs. Also try treadwright. They are retreads. I never had an issue with mine I had the guard dogs on my tacoma. I went with the pizza cutter size 255/75r17 I put an easy 20k on them and they didn't wear weird, they balanced super easy. Great tire for the price.
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On my work truck I put Westlake AT e load 285s on. They were only 180 Canadian. I like the tread, and they are made by cooper from what my dealer was saying. The tread pattern is a lot like the cooper AT3.