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Just picked this up today. 2004 V10 EB19 floorpan with Starcool AC, 137,000 miles. Always garaged, amazing condition, and we got a great deal. Now we just have to head for Virginia to pick it up. We are so pumped! Anyone wanting to buy an FJ Cruiser? This worked out perfectly, since it will be our house in 2 more years.


It's finally home! This thing was even better than we had hoped. It had a bit of wander to it on the uneven pavement, so we had John and Chris at Off Road Innovations in Winchester VA take a look at it for us. We had them replace the ball joints and one tie rod end. This cleaned up the handling a lot. I highly recommend these guys. They have a great fabrication shop, along with their own alignment rack, so they can check it instead of farming that out. They can even build driveshafts onsite. They were very knowledgeable, and because of our schedule, got the truck out really quick. Now it will be heading to Deviant Customs in Edmond, OK to get the bumpers built, and some suspension mods. We were going to have them build a custom roof rack, but man this thing is tall!
He's doing quite a bit of work for me. His price for all of it is reasonable, but I don't know exactly what the exact price is for just the bumper. You could contact him at His name is Jared Bratcher. I know he saved all the CAD files for it.
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Another update. This guy is brilliant!!! The spot on the door had already been highly reinforced since it was part of the original spare tire mount, so he repurposed it. There has been more gussetting done since these videos, and levers will be added to the latches so they’re not a pita to reach.