New Toy: 1972 Mercedes 0 309 Omnibus

Take the body off that, put a 617 turbo in your 404 (or any other diesel upgrade that would fit within a different body) then plop that body on the 404 (along with appropriate fully body hinge mounts of course). That would be Sveet. Well; ok...... it wold be Sveeter than it is now. Tis mighty Sveet w/out the swap though.


Alte Diesel-Gestank
Well, I've had to slow down on this project due to lack of funds, but I can still make some progress. The new goal is simply to get all the insulation in, new walls, new wood floor, and put in the pop-top. The interior will be really basic.

I got all the old floor out:

And pressure washed it:

I'm removing all the old wiring and bits that dont go anywhere to simplify things. I also ripped out the old roll-up door, and will be building a big single-swing door with a window.

Here's how she looks right now. I've continued dong body work to the sides and nose, and at some point I'll put a cheap paint job on it.



Expedition Leader
Thanks for the update, Ryan. Glad to see the project is back underway . . . and she sure looks good in that bottom picture with the blue sky in the background. Shame that didn't last. ;)


Alte Diesel-Gestank
I've found a nice window for the new rear door, and started construction. I also began cutting the new floor.

The door:

The big swing out will allow the nice window visibility as well as loading bikes or a Haflinger in the back. I've also continued doing to body work. I'm going to paint it Krylon OD with semi-gloss Black accents. Should look tough!



I was thinking that this might become a toy hauler for your Haflinger. Can you easily fit the Haflinger in there? If so, that is really neat solution.



Alte Diesel-Gestank
It can haul the Hafi in a pinch, it just barely fits through my door. That was part of the reason for making one big one, plus I want a cool table to fold down from the door once it's open. Also it was the easiest method. ;)

I've decided on a color!

Ignore the ghetto jack stand sitution, I ran out! ;)

I picked up (6) decent used 215/85R16 tires for it for $160, and they are being mounted by a friend for free right now! The wheels will be flat Black with red hubs. I've also pulled out TONS of useless wiring, mainly from the A/C and heater units that arent in the van.


Alte Diesel-Gestank
More work- have to hustle to get her ready for Mogfest!

Good used tires mounted and wheels painted flat black:

Front bumper is black:

I should be able to finish the paint in the next week, then reinstall the diesel tank (I cleaned it) and get some rubber mat for the new floor.

Ray Hyland

Expedition Leader
If it's running and you're not too far away, I'd love to see that thing show up at the NW Overland Rally in Leavenworth WA on July 26th.

Very cool bus.


Alte Diesel-Gestank
I'd love to take it, but it's not ready to drive, and that's a bit too far away for me. Thanks for the heads up though, sounds like a fun event!