Newbie with an old skamper, havd a couple of questions.


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A couple years back, I stumbled on what I belieflve to be a Skamper pop up, and have used it a few times a year since.

First of, this site has been great to see what repairs are need, and ive been able to search and find about any info ive needed.

The previous owner modified the camper a couple ways. First, he took out the fridge that had adopted working, and in place, put an electric water heater in its place, along with an out side shower unit. This would be great and very useful when at a camp site with water and power, but I have yet to be at one.

I'd like to add a tank and water pump to actually make these usefull, and am shopping for generators as well. He added a small window unit a/c in the back that works great, but there is not a heater.
there is some rot on one of the front corners, so I sm about to start on that repair.

also, my canvas has been replaced at some point, but was looking at options when it needed to be replaced. Has anyone made removable hard panels to put in place of the canvas?

Also, it does not have a battery anywhere, and I would like to know more about adding one.



Well, I'm not a Skamper guy but I'll take a whack at it...

There are some Skamper folks around--you can check out threads like these:!

and Paul's long-running thread:

It sounds like yours was being used as a guest room like my '88 Four Seasons was...with all 120v outlets and water coming in from a hose. I ended up removing all the 120v items from mine and went to entirely 12v but if you'd like to retain the A/C and water heater, I suppose a genset might be a way to go.

I've never heard of replacing the soft sides with hard panels. There are some hard-sided pop-ups around you could model it after. If not properly executed though, I would imagine it could make set-up and take-down time consuming and complicated. If your canvas has been replaced, it'll likely last a long time with a little care. I still have the original canvas in the '88 and aside from the cracked and torn screens and clear windows, the rest is still holding up fine. I plan to just keep using it as is.

As for installing a battery, it likely would not be difficult. I think practically all truck campers have had a battery installed or are set up for one. Have you found a 12v fuse block or a power converter? Where are your interior lights and other 12v lines connected? Your camper may have a separate battery compartment or may just have space in one of the larger cabinets for one.

I found a 12v water pump I really like. It's a diaphragm pump with an auto-pressure switch that was inexpensive on Ebay (about $40). It's been reliable and convenient and it even works well at lower voltages when the battery has drained down.

Mine has a 12v fuse block (very simple) but no power converter and the battery is located inside one of the large kitchen cabinets (it has a small vent in the back wall for ventilation).

You could decide whether or not you want to keep the water heater and whether or not you want to carry a generator. It really depends on how you plan to use the camper. For long trips it may be helpful to have hot water but you may find it more practical to go with another route for water heating. As you know, storage space is at a premium.

I took a very simple route with mine (it is only used for a few days at a time). I removed all the 120v items as well as the fridge (it had no furnace or A/C). With the stove as the only propane consumer, I'm able to get away with using the small 1-lb propane bottles (mine didn't come with a tank). The 12v system consists of a single deep-cycle battery and small solar charger. I just use a cooler with ice for food. This setup has served me very well for summer weekend remote camping.

You have plenty of options. I would decide how you are going to use the camper and which amenities you need and go from there.



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Its an old 80's Viking camper that I use when we race. I found a spot I think I can put a battery.

Did some repair this weekend.

I should be able to finish it up tonight or tomorrow.


Hey Baron. Nice camper ya got there! Good work so far on repairing the dryrot in the front. That stuff can be such a pain!

Seems like Eric has answered most of your questions. I really dont have much to add as he did a very thorough job. I too went with the "KISS" method though I am pretty jealous of your water heater/shower! My battery is under the front bench seat next to the water tank. Its wired up very simple as Eric described. I have the 060S model.

Watch out for those roof corners. They get brittle over time. I choose to fiberglass over them as it was easy. Other guys have made a mold for complete new ones. You cant find the specific part anywhere unfortunately.

Good luck with the project and keep the pictures and questions coming! :elkgrin: Well help you out. Also, my thread is loaded with pictures of all the restoration work I've done. It might help you out.


Now that you mention it, his roof structure and corner brackets look completely different than ours. Would you mind posting a few pictures o the front corners of the top of the camper and the latch area?


were you able to figure out the battery problem.
i just got my hands on a skamper and now am trying to figure out how to add a battery into the power system so i can run the heating fan at night and a few LEDS.


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Did anyone ever figure out where the battery goes? It seems I should be looking for a black and white wire, but I can't find them.


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If I recall correctly, on our Skamper the wires were on the back of the power converter but you have to remove the power converter to see them.
I ran the positive from the battery thru a fuse to the power converter.
I placed the battery in a battery box behind the power converter near the water tank and pump.