newby questions - removable platform options

Hi everyone. I stumbled through here from google and have loved seeing your amazing mods. I can't quite find what I'm looking for and wonder if you can chime in with ideas...
I do a lot of kayak camping trips where I need to take a 12 and 10 foot kayak. I don't want to use a ladder rack because 1)I've got a neck injury that makes loading up high really hard and 2 we go through high wind areas a lot (40mph sustained is not uncommon).
I'm thinking that what I'd really like is a platform that sits just below the bed rim so I can store things underneath and sleep on it when not hauling the boats. I'd like to strap the boats to the platform so I want the platform well attached to the truck (will do most of this with no topper). Here's the kicker - during the week I use my truck as a hauler (mulch, lumber, etc) a lot so I really want something simple that comes out relatively easily. I love the advanced builds but I'm not seeing much in the way of simple. In my mind I'll perhaps have a rail on each side that can be semi permanent and then the cross pieces and platform easily removable (undoing a bolt is fine for easy removal.

can anyone provide insight on what you'd use for a pair of rails and how to best attach them? any builds that just use the tiedowns to remove the whole thing when not in use? other ideas that I should think about when making a basic platform to carry 167lbs of kayaks on top and gear underneath? I'm thinking it will ultimately be rubberized or some thing since it'll be open to the elements.

thanks for ideas/help.

Have you considered this?

The top of the platform is just above the wheel wells.. and not only do you get a platform for sleeping and carrying the kayaks on, you don't have to remove it as it supports loads of 2000 lbs, is waterproof (so you can wash it out after hauling) and it gives you beaucoup lockable storage underneath for all your stuff.

The only downside is the “bed height” is raised about 12 inches.. but, since it is above the wheel wells, it is full width.

I love mine. Good luck!
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