Nicaragua 4X4 Recommendations (And an Jimny Question)

I noticed a few places that rent 4X4's in Nicaragua. Does anybody here have any experience with a particular outfit?

And now that you're here, who's seen the inside of a Suzuki Jimny? Do you think 2 adults and 2 kids with backpacks would be too tight?
Have looked at them a little since they're everywhere and I owned a couple of Samurais long ago.

It's gonna be tight but doable. I was in a Jeep wrangler the other day with 11 other people so tight has a completely different definition down here lol
Haha, nice. We'll probably stick to 4 people. We've gone on road trips with our little hatchback, so I was thinking it may be similar. I don't mind getting something bigger but I really want to rip around in a tiny 4x4.


Two adults and two SMALL kids with backpacks should be ok (not great). The Jimny is similar in size to the old Samurai. Safe travels.
Thanks for the info, guys. I made a cardboard mockup of the dimensions of the Jimney cargo space and I think it will work.