Nikon AW1- Any Users here?

Hello All,
I'm contemplating the purchase of a Nikon AW-1 as our go to camera for hiking, overlanding and morotcycling adventures. Do any of you have any experience with thie camera? We are currently using a Nikon D90 which is great but it's downside is it's a bit large and heavy. I was looking at the AW-1 since it's waterproof, compact and since it's a Nikon the learning curve between the D90 and AW-1 should be minimal.

Any thoughts?

Cheers, James
Sorry I'm late to the party, but I've considered the Nikon AW-1 myself, the issue was and still is.. almost $800.00 (in some cases) for this camera?.. Not within my budget.. I went for the FujiFilm XP60 and sure it was new at the time and it's not grow outdated..

I've never been pleased with the XP60 and you get what you pay for I suspect. I've been checking into the KeyMission Nikon Camera which is half the size of the Digital camera and cost half the price of the AW-1. The KeyMission camera is like a goPro camera, waterproof etc.. Might do you just to check into the KeyMission before you spend the $800 for the AW-1.